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Campaign Creation & Management, Audits & Training

Every PPC campaign, regardless of business size or sector, has a fundamental task - to capture visitors with the motivation and means to do what you want – buy a product or service, subscribe to a newsletter, call for a quote or information, visit your premises - and to do so at a cost that gives you an acceptable return on investment.

Different types of business need different sorts of campaign (Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Call). To get a better understanding of the work involved in setting up a campaign, watch this 8 minute video.

Price: Depends on the size, scope and complexity of your project; for an SMB a typical rate for creating a 'ready-to-go' Google Ads Search campaign is around £750.

If you need help, call 01559 371177 for a confidential chat, or use the enquiry form below.

campaign in a pickle

Existing campaigns in a pickle?

You are not alone! As PPC advertising gets ever more complex, competitive and expensive it's time to review your campaign(s), cut out waste and focus attention and budget on customers who convert. A campaign audit can help. Its purpose is to review campaign performance, unearth problems and identify scope for improvement. Audits pay for themselves and at the very least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your PPC campaigns are in good shape. Price: A typical campaign audit costs£485.

Conducting an audit is straightforward and risk-free. You grant read-only access to your PPC account and remove that priviledge after the audit.

Campaign Management, Testing and Reporting

campaign management Ideally, every website visitor brought to you by pay-per-click would 'convert' (do what you want them to do). In the real world, statistics tell us that only one in twenty to one in fifty will convert - even for a well-optimised campaign. Any PPC professional will tell you that a sure way to fail is to set up a campaign then leave it to run and rot.

● Unless you're lucky, (have a unique, sought-after product or service), successful PPC campaigns depend on continuous monitoring, testing and tuning. It's not rocket-science and you can do it yourself if you get familiar with ppc advertising, but it needs doing.

● Typically, it takes 2-3 months from starting a campaign to gather sufficient data to start making decisions - for example, which keywords work and which don't, what demographics and locations produce best results, which networks suck.

Price: Again, this depends on the size and complexity of your campaign(s). For an SMB, the rate for managing your campaign(s) is likely be around £550 per month which includes testing, tuning, performance reporting and reviews. Don't forget that you'll be paying Google and/or Microsoft for advertising costs.

One and Two-Day PPC Workshops

ppc workshops Our converted barn in rural West Wales doubles as a training facility and holiday accommodation. During the year we host a limited number of workshops for one to three participants from the same company or organisation.training faclity These interactive sessions are part PPC campaign creation and implementation, part training. At the end of the workshop you'll have a working campaign plus a good understanding of the different options and facilities that Google and Microsoft provide.

It's easy for a newcomer to feel overwhelmed by Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising but after attending a workshop, you won't be. Workshops can be held at a week-end if required.

What's Included:

  • PPC campaign creation and implementation.
  • PPC familiarisation and training.
  • up to 3 nights self-catering accommodation.
  • snacks and a light lunch.
  • unlimited tea and coffee.
  • WiFi Broadband.


One Day Workshop (1 to 3 participants) £525
Two Day Workshop (1 to 3 participants) £775

Call 01559 371177 or use the enquiry form.

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