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Workshops - Customer Journey Mapping & Sales Forecasting

The best investment you can make in sales and marketing skills

Customer Journey Mapping (1 day)

customer journey mapping A workshop both for business-to-consumer and business-to-business operations. The interactive tutorial is designed to create a prototype journey map in the form of a working document. Participant(s) leave with a clear understanding of their customer's path to a purchase, (not always what you think!), and the channels and content needed to engage with them as they travel.

Workshops, which can be run at a week-end, are held in the relaxed environment of our facility in West Wales, with accommodation provided if required, (see below).

To ask about a workshop, call 01559 371177, or use the enquiry form below

Sales Forecasting & Pipeline Management (1 day)

sales forecasting For sales directors, line-managers and salespeople engaged in business-to-business sales. Participants create a rule-based, forecasting and management system applicable to their own company or organisation to track revenue accurately against targets and manage sales pipelines.

Particularly useful for companies investing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software such as Salesforce or HubSpot, but struggling to deliver consistently accurate forecasts.

To ask about a workshop, call 01559 371177, or use the enquiry form below

One Day Workshops

workshops training faclityOur converted barn in rural West Wales doubles as a training facility and holiday accommodation. During the year we host a limited number of workshops for one to three people from the same company or organisation.

Workshops, as the name implies, are not simply 'chalk and talk' sessions. To maximise value, participants should be willing to engage and contribute.

Workshops can be held at a week-end if required.

What's Included:

  • up to 2 nights self-catering accommodation.
  • snacks and a light lunch.
  • unlimited tea and coffee.
  • WiFi Broadband.


One Day Workshop (1 participant) £525
One Day Workshop (2 or 3 participants) £775

Call 01559 371177 or use the enquiry form.

Ask about Journey Mapping or Forecasting

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