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The Business to Consumer Customer Journey

Learn how consumers make both simple and complex buying decisions

a young family MEET THE JONES FAMILY (An imaginary example)
a house in a suburban streetStephen Jones is 33 years old and a structural engineer with a construction company. His partner, Molly, 32, is creative director with a Public Relations & Advertising Agency.They have two young children and share an Edwardian house in a London suburb.

One morning Stephen wakes up and thinks…
'What this family needs is a 2000 Megawatt GE-Hitachi Mark 5 Graphite-Moderated, Gas Cooled Nuclear Reactor'.

He doesn’t of course. That would be silly. What he does though, is open his morning post and say...
"Look at this bill! We really must reduce our energy costs. Every quarter they’re going up and up. I’m going investigate how we can get them down. And hopefully reduce our carbon footprint at the same time."

Follow Stephen and Molly Jones on their CUSTOMER JOURNEY. After the video consider how a  could boost your sales and marketing endeavors.

"Ah ha", you say, "the customer journey model might work for a relatively large purchase, but what about something smaller?"
O ye of little faith, try this...

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