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Customer Journey Mapping

Beat the competition and turn prospects into customers

an old map a victorian inventorIn the middle of the 19th Century, a Victorian inventor designed what he called a 'one-step shaving mask'. The idea was that you slipped it over your head then dragged down handles attached to blades inside the mask.

It was made, he said, for the average face. When colleagues pointed out that there was no 'average face' he retorted, "There will be, once they use my mask." It wasn't a success - the moral being: adapt to customers, don't expect customers to adapt to you.

Customer Journey Mapping is founded on, but different to, The Customer Journey. The Journey is a chain of distinct, linear stages that ultimately lead to a purchase. Journey Mapping examines the possible interactions, or ‘touch points’, between an existing or potential customer and a product, brand or organisation at each stage of the journey. At any one stage there can be numerous interactions through the same, or different channels, or maybe none at all.

With a bit of knowledge and the right data, developing a journey map isn't a Herculean task. Implementing it across multiple communication channels, with consistent content that meets the customers expectations and requirements, is.

Builds on the Business to Consumer, Customer Journey video. It uses the same characters and the same journey, so if you haven't watched it already, it would be wise to do so first. After the video consider how a  could boost your sales and marketing endeavors.

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